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19 Aprile 2012

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19/04/2012 20:38

Dear All,

Greetings to you all, hoping that I find you all well.

We have had good easter holidays and last Monday we had Sr Aurelia and
Sr Antonetta in Mhondoro and we had a lovely day with the kids at the
orphanage, they arrived early in the morning and the four sisters
planted four avocado trees in the orchard that the Mhondoro Sisters
have since initiated. In the orchard we have planted all kinds of
fruit trees like mango, guava, avocado. There were some orange trees
in the garden and we have since worked and maintained them and the
children are eating the fruits already, they are so sweet.

The day went on well with Sr Antonietta explaining to all the kids
what is easter and the importance of easter, the holy week and all. It
was a lovely day for the kids as she went on to give a boiled egg for
each one of them, followed by dancing to music fruits and chocolates

With the rains and the little water that we get from the hospital, we
have since managed to setup a vegetable garden and it is doing so
well and its all green. We have managed to plant more than ten beds of
vegetables, which is eaten everyday, onions, more than 15 beds of
sweet potatoes and we are hoping to expand as soon as we get a
borehole drilled.

We have also started a small poultry project, we bought a rabbit, it
gave birth and now we have 6. Today I bought 5 rock rabbits and next
week I will bring them down to the home. We also had some chickens
given to us and we shall start with these.

The kids are on holidays and we have organised some holiday lessons
for them so they can improve on their grades.

We will keep you posted.

Thank you




getting help from
a young boy to plant
an avocado tree

Our rabbits

Sr Aurelia

Sr Luisa planting
an avocado tree

Sr Magdalena

thanks very much
for the money that you
send for the tables
of diningroom