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Ottobre 2012

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This is the picture when they were drilling our borehole
here in Marile but unfortunately we have drilled
a dry well, we went up to 100m of depth but the water
breaks were not satisfactory.


Here are the children in the dinner room very happy with the new chairs.
let me tell you what happened with Aquelin and Lovemore.
They came very early from the school, when the
y arrived I asked them when came so early,
so they told me that their teacher was not in the school
later on their teacher called me for asked if Acquelin and Lovemore
were hre in the house, I told her that yes they were her with me,
and I told the teacher waht the children told me, she told me that
it was not truth that she was in the class, so I asked the children
what happened Aquelin told me we came back for setting down
in the new chairs before anyone... can you imagen that? so they were so happy ...


When I went to Mexico and Italy one grupe gave ma money for running
the project for the chickens.
We bougth 50 chickens, now they are almos ready for starting to eat.
Now we bought 50 more chick in this for the project continuo
and I hope also your support continous in this for we not stop this project.
Thanks very much for all you supported.

CHICKENS 5 WEEKS They are the new 50 chick.

Look our twins how big are now.

Gemelli (1)

Gemelli Dominic with one twin

I am sending pictures with the books the we bought
more the money that sister Ornela collected from her class.
The children are very happy with them books.
Now they are studying very seriously.

Libri (1).JPG

Libri (2)

Libri (3)

Libri (4)

Libri (5)


Our children are so happyt celebrating the birthday of Dominic

Our garden now is dry for lacking or water,
wee hope to make a nother borehole soon...
Yesterday was the Prize giving day forl the students our Hight School
and two out children got the Prize, Never and Talent.
It is something historico here in Mariel because not one
before took any Sartificate until now.
We were really happy because we can see how
they are improving in the school also the teacher were so happy.

Students Here is Talen who got Prize also yesterday in her school.
We are happy with her and we wish the best for her.