The visit to the OLS Communities South Louisiana, ended Sunday February 2, M. Carla and her Council took a few more days to complete their Council meetings in the Convent in Shreveport.  Then to complete the visit to the OLS Communities, they traveling by car reached Las Cruces in New Mexico, February 7, 2020.  The trip lasted over 13 hours.  They left early in the morning and made a stop in Dallas, Texas to visit the Sixth Floor Museum which remembers the place of the assasination of President J. F. Kennedy. The Museum is has pictures, many video and speeches of that day, guns and raffles used by the killer and polices and many cameras used by photografers and the press.  An hour was not sufficient to view all of it, but it was enough to get back in history for a little while.

After many miles through the Texas state, rich in oil pumbs, wind turbines, and desert, the council reached the community in Las Cruces, late evening.  The next morning Bishop Peter Baldacchino celebrated the Eucharist at the Convent and had breakfast with the sisters since he was leaving that day for Italy for the ad Limina visit.

The Holy Cross School, where Sr Delnise and Sr Heather work, welcomed M. Carla and the Council members who took the tour of the facility accompanied by the principle. Also several of the benefactors and supporters of the sisters ministry in Las Cruces came to meet and greet M. Carla and the Council. The community took also the time to show them the White Sand Park, the Oregon Mountain and to participate to weekly Rosary of the Sorrowful Mother with some lay people.

Monday, February 10, the community, M. Carla and the Council left Las Cruces to go and visit our sisters in Nogales, MX, which is a few hours away.  In Nogales they also found the Obregon community which came to pick up Sr Susana who left the Council in that occasion.  Returning to Las Cruces that evening was the ending of the time together for the Council, since the next day Sr Karla Cilene returned to Italy and M. Carla with Sr AnnaMaria began the Canonical Visitation.