The entrance of Angela, Justine and Lydia to the pre-novitiate program

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”

We greatly hope that Angela, Justine and Lydia felt that gladness when they were accepted to begin the Pre-novitiate Program within our Religious Family.

As the communities in Louisiana gathered, in Shreveport at OLS Convent to celebrate the Our Lady of Sorrows feastday, Angela, Justine and Lydia were invited to come to the “house of the Lord” to a simple moment of prayer during which they received a little silver cross.  That cross is a daily reminder to them and others that they are answering YES to the Lord who called them to follow Him.

It was gladness indeed what we, OLS sisters, experienced that Saturday, September 14, when Angela, Justine and Lydia started that journey!  The beginning of a journey does not focus on the first step, but on the goals to be met along the way, the other stages of formation and the vows to seal their following Christ.  We are close to them, encouraging them with our prayers and witness, with our support and companionship.

Best wishes Angela, Justine and Lydia!  May Blessed Elisabetta guide you all the way!