Three of the six books that make up the series in Italian and which collect the vast heritage of Elisabetta Renzi’s writings that have come to us are available in English.

For the first time the letters, regulations, and various personal writings that are kept in the General Archive of the Congregation are published:  with this legacy, Elisabetta Renzi comes to meet us in her daily life: a woman of prayer and faith; a woman who deals with all the problems related to the start of a new work as extraordinary as the foundation of a religious institute; a woman called to relate to the strong powers of her time;  she, a woman capable of obeying, but never denying the right and duty to present her opinion.

Reading Elisabetta’s writings  we are amazed, and are  finally distanced  from the idea that we can make saints, as disembodied people and “raised in mid-air”. Elisabetta is a woman with both feet on the ground, a woman who goes through every event of life in full, looking for solutions to problems, always committing herself, without fear, without compromise, and in everything always looking only for the will of God, to whom she never said no.

  • Vol. 1: Letters 1 – 50
  • Vol. 2: Letters 51 – 95
  • Vol. 5: Rules 1 – 7 & Rule for the Orphanage and Pious School of Savignano
Anyone interested in a copy of our books can contact our convent in Shreveport, LA by calling +1 318-797-0213 or by emailing