Louisiana, July 27, 2021

Third Day of the Young OLS Assembly!  Three full day of work which stirred enthusiasm and much participation from all the young OLS.  This is a summary of these three days.

July 25 was the opening day which began with the greetings from Sr Susana Díaz Gonzáles the Councilor who has been the coordinator of this Assembly, and M. Carla Bertani, the Superior General, and brief presentation from the other collaborators, Sr Serena Pinotti, Alberto Frassineti ed Eva Gullo who also gave directions about the structure of the meeting with the main presentation and the small groups works. 

The first presentation was on the Charism, one of the three themes chosen by the young OLS.  Sr Karla Cilene Bezerra de Souza introduced Sr Maria do Carmo dos Santos Gonçalves, mscs, Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo Scalabrinians who developed the theme in a very organized way and with deep and original thoughts.  After questions and comments, the sisters were directed to linguistic groups to dialogue and reflections on the themes points chosen during the pre-assembly.  The work of each group was then sent to the drafting committee to be compiled into a final document.

Each group received from Sr Susana the material to be used in their personal and regional group during the time off from the Assembly Zoom time.

July 26 was dedicated to the second topic on EducationM. Carla Bertani presented Sr Patricia Murry, ibvm, Executive Secretary for the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), who drawing from her knowledge and vast experience on Education develop the topic in depth and provoked in the young sisters much interests, questions and desires. The same style of group work applied the first day, continued this second day for every group and nation.

July 27 has been a very special day.  The young sisters, guided by Alberto and Eva shared their work on the Charism revising the draft document.  However, after midmorning they had a great surprise which created emotions and thrills to all of them not excluding the organizers.  Sr Serena facilitated a zoom connection with a group of senior sisters from the Infirmary community in Rimini.  The sisters were introduced by Sr Serena and each one of them shared with the younger one their greetings, their experiences, and their recommendation/wish to the future of our religious family for whom they pray consistently every day.  This initiative touched greatly everyone especially those from Brazil who saw Sr Agnese Bedini who has been missionary in Brazil, those from Zimbabwe who saw Sr Piera Muccioli, missionary in Zimbabwe, and those from Mexico who saw Sr Gianfranca Casadei, who was in Mexico for many years since its opening.

Tomorrow the assembly will continue…