Pre-assembly of the Young OLS, July 19, 2021

WOW!!!   Something new happened on Monday, July 19, 2021.  The young Religious Sisters of our Congregation, have ZOOMED together in preparation for the First International Assembly of the Young OLS in the World.

This first meeting was a beautiful experience of being united even if far away and not knowing each other in person for the majority of them.

After this day of pre-assembly, they have a sense of the possibilities this meeting is offering them: to be able to listen to each other; to know more and deepen the charism of Mother Elisabetta and how it will be adapting to the challenges of today’s world; to focus on Education and Internationality as it is lived and experienced in their different nations and countries.

It was an encouraging and exciting experience! As each participant was sharing their goals and expectations it was clear the most of them would like to nourish and achieve a strong sense of belonging to this religious family, to be closer to the experience of Bl. Elisabetta in order to continue her charism today, to create a great sense of unity and appreciation of the richness of the diversity.

The theme of the Assembly is “Walking Together for a Common Dream“, will be developed during the Assembly, July 25-31, 2021

Sr Serena shared on a Facebook page some data about the pre-assembly very interesting and gratifying to everyone’s curiosity.  Here it is:

  • simultaneous translation in 4 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • 4 time zones with 11 hours’ difference between USA/MEX and BANGLADESH
  • more than 50 connected workstations
  • … a challenge also for wi-fi connections and electrical networks…!!!!

But it worked and it was great!!!