Community homes and housing centers to assist, educate and help each of the residents to reach their full potential.

  • “Angelica Merlara” Educational Community in Savignano, Italy, for young people from families in difficulty, and in support of mothers with children
  • “Casa di Miriam” mother-children community in Savignano, Italy
  • “Amiris” mother-children community in Roncofreddo, Italy
  • “Menuhah” home for ermergencies in Savignano, Italy
  • “Kairos” home for young adults in Savignano, Italy
  • Hogar del Niño houses in Mexico to welcome, educate and prepare orphaned or abandoned children for a life as responsible and serene adults
  • “Maria Mãe da Ternura” house in Brazil for abandoned children or kids in situations of abuse and exploitation
  • Housing communities and family homes for children and young people with disabilities in Italy and Louisiana to support families, to welcome and help guests to achieve their full potential and live a peaceful and full life
  • Consultation, collaboration and sharing of experience in the Institutions of St. Mary’s and Holy Angels, founded by the Bishop monsignor Greco in Louisiana, and at the beginning, managed exclusively by the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, is going on.