The Monasteries of the Augustinian Order followed and still follow the Augustinian Rule, written by St. Augustine in about 400.
St. Augustine in following his path of human and Christian experience came to a particular intuition of monastic life, conformed to the style of the Apostles and the first Christian community of Jerusalem… The Augustinian Rule is very short, essential and concrete; It goes into detail only when necessary, while on so many aspects, after giving the basic indications, it leaves room for freedom, intuition and the evolution of the Community. Augustine, in drawing up the norms for his monasteries, takes inspiration from biblical and ecclesial motivations, then goes on to expose all his spiritual richness and deep knowledge of the people and the various realities of human life. Thus came a masterpiece of theological doctrine, psychological sensitivity and balanced human experience where common sense, understanding, the primacy of love, truth and justice, together with respect for authority and attention to individual people, find a wonderful and harmonious combination. (Fr. Marziano Rondina OSA)