From the Rule of St. Augustine:

Before all else, beloved, love God and then your neighbor, for these are the chief commandments given to us.

(cf. Matthew 22:36-40; Mark 12:28-34)

Written about the year 400, the Rule of St. Augustine is one of the earliest guides for religious life. A short document, it is divided into eight chapters:

  • Chapter I | Purpose and Basis of Common Life
  • Chapter II | Prayer
  • Chapter III | Moderation and Self-Denial
  • Chapter IV | Safeguarding, Chastity, and Fraternal Correction
  • Chapter V | The Care of Community Goods and Treatment of the Sick
  • Chapter VI | Asking Pardon and Forgiving Offenses

( The Rule of St. Augustine is extracted from the website PROVINCE OF ITALY – Order of St. Augustine)