The first group of missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows – thirteen of them - arrived in Moreauville, a small town in the diocese of Alexandria-Shreveport, Louisiana in 1947 at the invitation of Bishop Charles P. Greco. After only a few months, the Bishop asked the sisters to teach in diocesan catholic schools. He sent them to teach at schools for black children during the time of racial segregation which existed at this time in the history of the United States. He also asked the sisters to serve at a “boy’s home” for troubled youth, where the sisters’ main works was that of working in the kitchen, laundry and caring for the boys. Learning the English language and going to summer school to become certified teachers in the USA were part of the first difficulties that the sisters encountered in their new mission. In the following years, more Italian sisters joined the first group in Louisiana and they began teaching in different schools in the diocese. In 1954, Bishop Greco started a new ministry in his diocese where a home, assistance and education were offered to people with intellectual disabilities. From the very beginning, the bishop entrusted this ministry to the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. After a few years, the group of Italian sisters grew with new forces that substituted those who returned to Italy. In addition, young American women who were attracted to the apostolic service of the sisters as well as to their lifestyle filled with joy, serenity and courage, asked to join the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows and to work with them. Today, the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows have 4 communities in Louisiana and one in New Mexico, where the sisters are actively involved in ministry in schools, community homes for persons with intellectual disabilities, and catechesis and pastoral work with youth on both parish and diocesan levels.

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