February 5, 2022, in Shreveport, some of the OLS sisters got together to welcome Ana Laura in the novitiate program.  The cold day did not prevent a very warm welcome to this young women from Mexico who completed her pre-novitiate in Tepatitlan, Jalisco, MX and spent a few months in Lafayette, Louisiana, learning English and getting adjusted to the new culture. 

After a couple of days of Retreat, in prayer and silence in order to get in tune with the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the OLS chapel, she prayed with the sisters who could be present, and she received the medal of the Sorrowul Mary, to signify her beginning journey into religioius life with the novitiate.  The second year novices, Angela and Lydia, were happy to have a new companion.  The Superior General and the sisters who could not be present reached Ana with messages and phone calls to express to her their good wishes and the promise of their prayers to accompany her.

The simple ceremony was followed by a meal shared together, the cut of the cake and small gifts from each community to express Ana the joy of having her within our Religious family.

May God, the Sorrowfull Mother and Blessed Elisabetta be with you Ana, to support you and encourage you in your journey!!!