14 luglio 2019 – Preparation for final vows

A special program

After almost five years of religious life and apostolic commitments in different communities in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Louisiana (USA), Sr Champa, Sr. Liza, Sr Porimolla and Sr Eustine are together again to prepare for their final vows. In Italy and precisely in Rome they have begun a different and new program, which has led them to the heart of our christian faith and our religious family. After seeing several places in Rome together with Sr. Anna Maria they visited the places where Elisabetta Renzi lived, together with the study of the virtues: theological, cardinal and those typically practiced by the Blessed Elisabetta Renzi.

They felt deep feelings and emotions in being so close to many places where saints, blessed and martyrs spent their lives for Christ and in walking the roads that Elisabetta Renzi herself has made, not only in having to move from one village to another, from one ministry to another to set them up, to sustain and to ensure the success of the charism, but also a spiritual path of discernment and adherence to God’s call. A call not lacking in unforeseen events and hardships, but carried out with faith and profound hope, with humility and generosity, in poverty and obedience.

Our four sisters of temporary vows, immerse themselves in this reality that they knew somehow from afar and that now helps them to grasp and live with greater conviction the gift of their life to God forever.

Come and celebrate with them this important goal in the parish church at Coriano, on August 4, 2019!