Elisabetta Renzi was born in Saludecio (Rimini), Romagna, on November 19, 1786. At the age of 5, she moved with her family to the nearby town of Mondaino. Her family and the monastery where she was educated provided the sources of her spirituality.

Among the many voices that echoed around her, she recognized the unmistakable voice of God: “Come and follow me“. She was irresistibly attracted and enthusiastic: “God makes me so many offers… I have a strong desire to do good… for the glory of God… in the house of God!”.

She entered the Augustinian monastery of Pietrarubbia  (Pesaro/Urbino), but due to the Napoleonic suppressions of 1810, she was forced to leave it and return to her family.

After a period of waiting, uncertainty, and hardship, the Lord’s will manifested itself to her, and she listened: He was waiting for her in Coriano to help a group of ladies who were dedicated to the education of young girls. The year was 1824.

Little by little, Elisabetta became the heart and soul behind a marvelous set of initiatives aimed at the human, moral, and Christian education of young people.

Favored by the Lord to know the time of her death 12 hours before it happened, she ended her earthly life on August 14, 1859, at 8:30 a.m.

In Coriano, there was a unanimous voice:  “A saint is dead!