To the Most Reverend Father

Father Giuseppe Belletti

Of the Society of Jesus


From the Convent of Our Lady of Sorrows

Most Reverend Father,

I am sure you have understood the reason why I have not continued corresponding with you concerning the well-known deal […].

The main reason I am sending you this letter is to know if, beside the two Sisters who are Teachers, they want even one of our young Students, sufficiently educated, as a helper, since only two of them would not be able to carry out their responsibilities [teaching] with the care that is desired. At the beginning, I did not agree to the request of sending a third Sister Teacher as was desired, since, having to open a new School in Savignano in a short time, I would not have been able to send three Sister Teachers. However, now I have thought of the possibility of sending this Young Woman, in whom I have a real hope that she will be highly successful, having always attended our School. She may even become a Sister if she perseveres in her Vocation, being that she is already 19 years old. Our Bishop is happy to add the above-mentioned Young Woman to the two Sister Teachers, and I hope that even the congregation of this pious Establishment will see that, since, if they think about it, there is enough work for all three of them, having boarding as well as day students.  Even for the above-mentioned Young Woman, there will be a salary that, like for the other two Teachers, will be decided by the Bishop.

Therefore, concerning this letter of mine, I will wait for your reply, so that I, as well as those who will be sent to run the Pious House, may organize ourselves, if it will please the Lord that the negotiations are successful.

I ask you heartily to please not forget me and all my Daughters before the Lord as I sign off with esteem and respect.

Of Your Most Reverend Father

From the Pious House of the Sorrowful B.V.
Coriano, April 3, 1850

Most humble and Most obliged Servant,
Elisabetta Renzi

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