–   In the morning meditation I propose to think often of my death, and to reflect on how I would do every action if it were the last one of my life.

–   In the afternoon, thinking of these things in the presence of God, there came to my mind the words that the Lord had said to me at other times, namely: “Ordinavit in me caritatem,” [“He established charity in me”]. Then it came to my mind how I ought to dispose myself and regulate all my actions; and I proposed to govern myself according to this inspiration, beginning in the morning when I wake up and continuing until the evening, so that I may practice more easily remaining as much as possible in the presence of God.

–   I propose that whenever the Lord enables me to collect money that is due me, I will use it, insofar as it is up to me, for the advantage of the school, never spending it on unnecessary food, clothing, or furniture for the house, but only on things that are essential for the greater good of the work.

–   I propose, if possible, to establish the practice of the “Sanctified Carnival” in the houses where it is approved by the parish; otherwise, to do it privately. To celebrate here [in Coriano] the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, and in other houses the feasts of the saints who are their special patrons, and to teach the girls devotion to Saint Joseph. (Biographical Sketch p.22-23)

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