To His Most Reverend Excellency

Monsignor Francesco Gentilini

Most Worthy Bishop of Rimini

Most Reverend Excellency,

Last Thursday I received the most venerable letter that Your Most Reverend Excellency wrote to me. After having read it quickly, I went to reflect on it, not only at the foot of the Crucifix, but also before the Blessed Sacrament, to consider it carefully and receive some comfort for the sorrow that it caused me.  After all the preparations were done, having already publicized the Function [First Profession] that we were supposed to have and it being announced by the Pastor at the altar, and after invitations were already sent to all the pastors of this Deanery, to the ladies who were supposed to accompany us, to the magistrate, and to the girls, Your Excellency has decided to not go forward with the plans.  I was truly surprised and I’m even more sorry, since it seems from your above-mentioned letter, that this is because of some fault of mine, that I am imbued with a spirit of pride and insubordination.  Unfortunately, this may be so, since love of self may prevent me from seeing it.  If my Superior believes that this humiliation is necessary for me in order to mortify this spirit of pride within me, I would bless, even in the midst of my tears, the will of the Lord, shown to me through you. 

I could say something in my defense, but I choose not to, unless my Superior tells me whether it is good or not for me to do so. 

Finally, I ask Your Excellency in your goodness to tell me how I need to act in the future; and prostrating myself to the kiss of the sacred ring, I implore the pastoral blessing of Your Most Reverend Excellency. 

Coriano, March 12, 1839

Most humble, most devoted, and most obliged servant,

Elisabetta Renzi

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