To His Most Reverend Excellency

Monsignor Francesco Gentilini

Most Worthy Bishop of Rimini

Most Reverend Excellency,

Father Macchini has already written to Sogliano asking the past administrators for the financial books, according to the orders received from Your Most Reverend Excellency; and from those, it will be possible to better clarify what we desire.

I do not doubt your impartial justice about what is due to the schools already opened and to those that will be opened, having known from other circumstances how dear they are to your heart. For this, it seems unnecessary to me to have to point out the lack of funds of these two houses in comparison to those of the Celibates who, if they have some debts, have a way of paying them.  We must also note the animosity they have shown toward us through their reluctance to pay those subsidies at the agreed upon deadlines in years past.  My consolation is that everything is in the hands of Your Excellency, who knows much more than I, and better than I, what is necessary; and I already submit myself to your wise orders. 

I also see it necessary to restate that it’s not personal interest that moves me to desire these means, and I am not overlooking those few responsibilities which are in my hands.  It is only the desire that the Lord may be honored more greatly, through the instruction of the girls and through my response to the vocation that the Lord has given me.  I see that the promises He was placing in my heart are now being fulfilled, and that He gives me the means to fulfill those desires which He himself has been whispering to my heart, the desires that I always had for there to be schools in every town.  Oh, how much good this will bring to your diocese!  How great is the need for instruction in every town, being that there is so much ignorance in the matters of faith!  My only fear is my own inadequacy, but the Lord will surely take care of everything. Please excuse me for having dared to say so much. 

The Vicar of the Deanery was supposed to come here a few days ago, but he did not show up. [Perhaps] the bad weather may have held him back, but if he should come, I will not fail to tell him what you tell me; and if he delays, I will write to you. 

 Finally, I thank Your Excellency for the condolences you sent to me after the death of my dear mother, and most of all, for your promises to pray for her.  The life that she lived and her acceptance of death, together with what she did for the holy Church, makes me hope that she is already enjoying the eternal repose, and this gives some comfort to my afflicted heart.  And here, in order not to bother you anymore, I prostrate myself to the kiss of the sacred ring, imploring the pastoral blessing of Your Most Reverend Excellency. 

Coriano, February 2, 1838

Most humble, most devoted, and most obliged servant,

Elisabetta Renzi

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