M. Carla and Sr AnnaMaria arrived in Dhaka on October 28, coming from Zimbabwe. The sisters were happy to welcome them and to share their daily life. After a day of rest and organizing the visit, they started with Carlotta Community.  In this community there are also two postulants Sheuli and Shornaly.

While M. Carla met individually with all the sisters, Sr AnnaMaria checked the archives, the community chronical and minutes of their meetings.  Prayer time and  meals were shared together.  The community of Carlotta and Renzi House have the celebration of the Eucharist in one of their chapel daily and the sisters get together for that celebration.  They had Mass also on Sundays so that M. Carla and Sr AnnaMaria could avoit the contact with too many people at the parish church.  After meeting all the sisters individually, M. Carla had two meetings with the communities were she encouraged them to follow the Synod at their diocesan level, but also to read what is recommended by the Pope and the Universal Church.

The last day for Carlotta Community was also the first day for the Renzi House community and before the Eucharist celebration in the Renzi House Chapel, M. Carla gave a bread basket to each one of the two superiors, explaining that the basket wanted to be a symbol of how we have to be food for each other in community and for the poor they are serving in their ministries.  The basket, made by rescued African women from human trafficking, are  a way to offer work and restoring dignity to those women.


M. Carla and Sr AnnaMaria arrived at Rajshahi airport in the late afternoon of November 6, the entire community was there to welcome them with beautiful flowers.  They reach the convent and during the meal organize the visit.  The following days, the structure of the visit was the same as in the other community, but they had a special event.  The mayor of the city participated with the bishop and several public officials in the blessing and inauguration of a new gate for the school.  Moreover, the mayor invited Mother to visit with him at the City Hall, which she was able to do the last day. 

Another highlight of the visit was the trip to Mymensingh a diocese in the central northern area of Bangladesh where, after the invitation from the bishop the Congregation purchased some land with the intention of opening a new mission in the near future.  In the new parish started a few months earlier by missionaries from India, the sisters met some of the teachers and children who welcomed them with songs and flowers.  After making some planning for the future convent, they returned to Rajshahi to prepare for the next day’s trip to Dhaka and their return to Italy.