From the letter to her brother Giancarlo who strongly disapproved of her decision to donate all her posessions to the budding Institution and to the Bishop. Elisabetta wrote on August 1, 1839:

I am pleased to think that I have left everything; it is so sweet to give when you love! And I love my God so much, that He is jealous of having me all to Himself. It seems to me that I cannot help but spend myself and wear myself out, to give back to Him a little of what He has given me. When everything became complicated, when the present was so painful to me and the future seemed even darker, I closed my eyes and abandoned myself like a little creature in the arms of the Father who is in Heaven.

Dear brother, let us not look too much at ourselves. We would like to see, to understand… and we do not have enough trust in the One who fills us and surrounds us with His charity. Let us gather all the enlightenment of faith in order to rise higher, higher. At the instant of death, as at the extreme frontier that separates us from the next life, we will see and understand the great reality of things.

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