From the letter to the Abbess of the Monastery of the Poor Clares in Mondaino from the Augustinian Monastery of Pietrarubbia:

“Imagine that you see me, the worthless but fortunate Elisabetta, in the small cell that is so dear to me, the sanctuary made only for Jesus and myself, and then you will easily imagine the happy hours that I pass there with my Delight.

How empty our cells and cloisters would be if He Himself did not fill them! Everything speaks to us of Him, because we bear Him within us, and our lives are a foretaste of paradise. I remember, Mother Abbess, the truth you expressed: “The cell is such a sacred place! It is an intimate sanctuary destined for Him and His bride, and it is good for them to be there together!” I would like for all my being to be silent and for everything in me to adore Him, to thus penetrate ever more deeply into Him and to be filled with Him, and I would like to be able to give Him to those poor souls who do not know the gift of God! Oh, that I may remain always in the great presence of God!…”

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